Machaut leading french composer of the medieval motet

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Unformatted text preview: (set to GREGORIAN CHANT) Guillaume de Machaut. Quant en Moy. •  Text uses French AND Latin! •  Each voice sings a DIFFERENT poem •  but, the upper two voices connect using hocket (“I sing, then you sing”) •  cantus firmus = lower voice •  notice the long durations of the notes! •  Machaut leading French composer of the medieval motet Guillaume de Machaut. Quant en Moy. Stanza 1 Voice 1 (upper) When I was first visited by Love, he so very sweetly Captured my heart; A glance at what he gave me as a gift, And along with loving feelings He presented me with this thought: To hope to have Grace, and no rejections But never in my entire life Was confidence a gift he meant for me. Voice 2 (middle) Thanks to love and ultimate beauty. Fearing Acting Are what consume me completely Voice 3 (lower) Intense b...
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