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Unformatted text preview: Shaped High Renaissance style  ­ music uses richer counterpoint •  Used imita/on •  Used Gregorian chant, but in new ways… Josquin. “Kyrie” from Missa Pange Lingua (ca. 1515) hUp:// •  Do you remember what a Mass is? •  Why “Pange Lingua”? Josquin. “Kyrie” from Missa Pange Lingua (ca. 1515) hUp:// •  Imagine you took your favorite song… •  Replaced the words with new words… •  And changed the duraRon of certain notes and used counterpoint to create a new piece… Josquin. “Kyrie” from Missa Pange Lingua (ca. 1515) hUp:// •  Pange Lingua  ­ name of Gregorian hymn (type of chant) used in work hUp:// –  Well ­known hymn on the theme of the “transubstanRaRon” “Kyrie” from Missa Pange Lingua hUp:// SING, my tongue, the Saviour's glory, of His flesh the mystery sing; of the Blood, all price exceeding, shed by our immortal King, desRned, for the world's redempRon, from a noble womb to spring… Josquin. “Kyrie” from...
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