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Aaron copland fanfare for the common man

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Unformatted text preview: n including keyboards and low ­ sounding instruments ConSnuo (rhythm secSon) organ cello harpsichord CharacterisScs of Baroque Music •  Terraced dynamics  ­ sudden change in dynamics (ex. from p to f) MUSICAL TERMS •  Dynamics: levels of loudness in music •  Examples: –  Fortissimo (ff) - very loud –  Forte (f) - loud –  Mezzo forte (mf) - moderately loud –  Mezzo piano (mp) - moderately soft –  Piano (p) - soft –  Pianissimo (pp) - very soft MUSICAL TERMS •  Listen to the change in color and character as the dynamics change in the following •  Try to guess which dynamics are used! Aaron Copland, Fanfare for the Common Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_clO8PBzKM We will look at this piece later in the semester! CharacterisScs of Baroque Music •  More homophony (clear melody with accompaniment) •  Less polyphony (independent melodies heard at the same Sme) •  Doctrine of affec1ons  ­ belief of Baroque composers in projecSng the idea of the text in music –  Music must capture the “mood” of the text •  Helps to tell a dramaSc story… Example: RecitaSve •  Recita1ve  ­ single melodic line with accompaniment...
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