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Apotheosis of st igna1us 16851695 lets compare with

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Unformatted text preview: eosis of St. Igna1us. 1685 ­1695 Changes in Style/Historical Events •  RejecSon of Renaissance restraint (think of the Renaissance motets) •  More emoSon •  Grotesque/beauSful •  Baroque – Portuguese word for irregularly shaped pearl •  Religious conflicts •  Isaac Newton develops theory of gravity Baroque Art Andrea Pozzo. Apotheosis of St. Igna1us. 1685 ­1695 Let’s compare with Renaissance art… And the Middle Ages… Baroque Art •  Emphasis on large, grandiose •  ExaggeraSon •  Love of drama! –  opera, oratorio, and cantata (we will look at all of these) Music in the Baroque •  Patronage system  ­ composer wrote music exclusively for their employer (ogen nobility) •  Music a family tradiSon (the Bach family) •  Both sacred and secular music •  Improvisa1on  ­ music composed on the spot, usually to stylisSc guidelines CharacterisScs of Baroque Music •  Basso con1nuo – name for the conSnuous bassline upon which harmonies were built •  Con1nuo – the name for the group of instruments that performed this bass line and supporSng harmonies –  rhythm secSo...
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