First two by two then three by three together

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Unformatted text preview: me ascending, aIended on by all the shepherds swain, to whom Diana’s darlings came running down the main. First two by two, then three by three together, leaving their goddess all alone, hasten thither, and mingling with the shepherd of her train with mirthful tunes in her presence entertain. Then sang the shepherds and nymphs of Diana, Long live fair Oriana! Descending scales Ascending scales ImitaSon Rapid descending notes Two voices, three voices, then all voices One voice Short, happy phrases in imita;on Flowing melody Long notes in the bass part, repe;;on, imita;on Thomas Weelkes. “As Vesta Was from Latmos Hill Descending”. 1590 •  Composed in honor of Queen Elizabeth I “Oriana” •  Text about goddesses Vesta and Diana –  “Oriana” an alternate name for Diana •  Very specific use of text pain1ng (the meaning of the words depicted through music) –  “madrigalisms” –  Remember this! Moving to Baroque Period… •  How do we get from music that sounds like this •  To music that sounds like this Baroque Music (ca. 1600 ­1750) Part I Andrea Pozzo. Apoth...
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