Click on self test on the lmes menu and select the

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Unformatted text preview: u may complete the Self-Test for online participation credit. Please keep in mind the following : 1. Click on ‘Self-Test’ on the LMES menu and select the appropriate Test (Self-Test 3) to begin. 2. You should close other browsers when taking the Self-Test. 3. You should ensure a stable network connection (i.e. the network on campus) before taking the Self-Test. 4. You must click the ‘submit for grading’ button to complete the Self-Test. (The ‘save for later’ button saves but DOES NOT submit your answers). 5. After the Self-Test period ends, you will receive a confirmation page with a reference number and your score. Please print a copy of this page for your records. 5. E-mail Rod Yu ([email protected]) BEFORE the close of the Self-Test period for assistance if there is a problem with your submission. 6. No make-ups will be offered for Self-Tests! PROGRAM MUSIC !  Instrumental works that composers consciously associate with nonmusical ideas !  OJen, we can know the associaLons from the Ltle, but not always the case !  Concert overture: independent, one- movement work that is not associated with an opera !  Incidental music: music wriPen to accompany a play !  Tone poem/symphonic poem: a long orchestral work, usually in one movement, that develops a poeLc idea or conveys a specific story or mood !  Program symphony… BALLET MUSIC !  Music to accompany choreography (the paPern of dance steps), oJen with a story !  During the nineteenth century, music oJen wriPen first (meant to stand alone) then choreography added !  Dance music involved very specific dance forms - waltz, pas de deux, etc. Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker. 1891. hPp:// !  PLOT...
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