Gilda really does love the duke even though she knows

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Unformatted text preview: onship was based solely on music !  !  !  LePers from Tchaikovsky to Meck are a recommended read His music dabbled in Russian naLonalism, but was mostly about beauty and expressiveness Died of cholera while preparing to conduct his Symphony No. 6 ROMANTIC MUSIC (ca. 1820- 1900) Part III Caspar David. A Traveler Looking over a Sea of Fog. 1818. ROMANTIC OPERA !  Italian Style !  Bel canto: “beauLful singing” through technically demanding melodic lines !  Italian composers who pioneered this style: !  Vincenzo Bellini !  Gaetano Donize_ Giuseppe Verdi. “La donna è mobile” from Rigole?o. 1851. hPp:// !  !  PLOT: !  RIGOLETTO is a hunchback court jester whose daughter, GILDA, is seduced by his master, DUKE OF MANTUA, aJer the DUKE tricks her into believing he is a poor student !  RIGOLETTO hires an assassin to kill the DUKE !  GILDA really does love the DUKE, even though she knows he is tricking her !  GILDA sacrifices her life to save the DUKE by exchanging places with him !  Thinking the DUKE has been murdered, RIGOLETTO is horrified to discover his daughter has been killed instead hPp:// “La donna è mobile” (“Woman is fickle”) !  DUKE sings of his pleasure- seeking ways !  Light, dance- like quality !  Strophic form: A A A (with changes in text) !  Easy to follow !  Popular aria from the history of opera Giuseppe Verdi (1813- 1901) !  In addiLon to being a great composer, he was an excellent dramaLst...
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