German style vs italian style german language diers

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Unformatted text preview: !  Nabucco was his first success; an old- testament story that paralleled the story of the Italian struggle against Austria in its unificaLon movement !  !  The lePers of his name were chanted at unificaLon rallies ViPorio Emmanuele Re D’Italia! !  Wrote some of the greatest operas during his long, 50 year career Giacomo Puccini. La bohème, excerpt from Act I. 1898. hPp:// 1sQ0XOGE !  PLOT: !  !  !  !  MIMI and RUDOLFO are bohemians (arLsts) living in Paris who fall in love MIMI and RUDOLFO have a falling out MIMI dies in the end EXCERPT - MIMI and RUDOLFO express their love for each other !  !  !  RUDOLFO sings “O soave fanciulla” (“What a beauLful maiden”), entranced by the sight of MIMI standing in the moonlight; joined by MIMI Bel canto singing style - long lines, very expressive !  Listen also to the expressive interplay of voices in the duet porLons Scene moves seamlessly between aria and recitaLve; hallmark of RomanLc opera Giacomo Puccini (1858- 1924) !  Verdi’s successor !  Well- known for his famous melodies and keen sense of drama !  Verismo opera: operas, oJen serious, about everyday life which rejected heroic or exalted themes from mythology and history !  La Bohème is an example of a verismo opera !  characters are poor, can’t afford rent or food, and live in cold, shabby apartments ROMANTIC OPERA !  German style vs. Italian style !  German language differs greatly from Italian !  German words tend to end in consonants !  Italian words tend to end in vowels !  German operas in 19th century tended to be about Nordic mythology !  German opera is heavier- sounding and more symphonic WAGNER’S MUSIC DRAMAS !  !  Music drama: type of work that reinfor...
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