Immolakon scene from gerdmmerung the twilight of the

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Unformatted text preview: ces belief that music and poetry should be one Stories had philosophical overtones !  !  !  !  !  Focused on Nordic mythology Characters are symbols at the mercy of uncontrollable forces !  !  Orchestra plays a large role Arias/recitaLve replaced by conLnuous melody that emphasizes the words !  !  !  Remember early opera and their emphasis on duty, fate? LeitmoKv: a theme associated with a character in an operaLc work !  !  Good vs. evil Physical vs. spiritual RedempLon through love Chroma>c harmony created effect of seamless music without a strong tonal center Orchestra not mere accompaniment, equal to singers Sets are much more elaborate to convey scenes from mythology The Ring of the Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle) !  !  Series of 4 operas – 15 hours total! A ring forged of gold is stolen from the Rhine – the longest river running through Germany !  !  !  Anyone who possesses the...
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