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ProblemSet5-AssignmentV1 - Problem Set 5 Assignment COMM...

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Problem Set 5 - Assignment COMM 180 Problem Set 5 Top Executives - Research Due: September 27, 2007 Pick three companies of your own choosing (pick companies that vary in size or companies to which you have a special connection). Go to the Securities and Exchange Commissions website ( www.sec.gov ) and navigate to the EDGAR Company Search. Find the most recent proxy statements (Form: DEF 14A) for your companies and navigate to the executive officer compensation summary tables. 1. For the top 5 executives listed in the proxy statements, obtain the following information (you will have to go to other sources for some of the information): - Stock Ticker - Company name - Executive’s name (as on the DEF 14a form) - Total compensation (sum of all compensation in the compensation table) - Gender (Male or Female) - Race (Caucasian, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, or other) - Highest level of educational degree (high school, undergraduate, or graduate) - Undergraduate school (only if he or she graduated from this school) - MBA school (Yes or No)
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