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Unformatted text preview: ion laying hens to relocate to other states (Sumner 2008). While a study done at the University of California Riverside showed that the elimination of battery cages will increase production costs “less than one cent per egg” (Bell, 2005, p. 19). While all eggs sold in the state of California will be required to be raised under the provisions of Proposition 2, nowhere in the law does it state that hens need to be kept outside or cageless, only that birds be given enough room to turn around and display natural behaviors (West, 2013). It is unclear whether the economic factor of Proposition 2 will make humane practices viable and competitive, but I don’t believe this is the true issue at hand. Wendell Berry said it best: “The principle of confinement in so‐called animal science is derived from the industrial version of efficiency. The designers of animal factories appear to have had in mind the example of concentration camps or prisons, the aim of which is to house and feed the greatest numbers in the smallest space at the least expense...
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