Mother pigs are confined to gestation crates that are

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Unformatted text preview: of bovine growth‐hormones and antibiotics while being hooked up to uncomfortable mechanical milking machines. The veal industry is a product of dairy operations because mother cows are continually kept pregnant through artificial insemination to keep up with milk demands, and calves are taken from their mothers and raised for veal. Mother pigs are confined to gestation crates that are only slightly larger than their bodies. The floors of these crates are comprised of slats that allow manure to fall into a pit below (Farm Sanctuary). As you could imagine and probably don’t want to, these confined feeding operations also breed concentrated waste. It’s becoming increasingly harder for omnivorous environmentalists to call themselves so, as factory farming not only consumes nearly half of our annual water usage, it then proceeds to contaminate our river, streams and soil as well. Having so many animals condensed into such small pieces of land leads to the formation of waste lagoons or cesspools. The high levels of nitrogen cannot be absorbed into the land and the mas...
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