Our current farm bill had actually expired on

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Unformatted text preview: y nine days left this month that both houses of Congress are in session, and if an agreement is not made now, it will have to wait until September. Odds are that the 2013 Farm Bill will not be passed within this timeframe due to the current divide in our political climate (Thiesse, 2013). The bill has been overshadowed by the Affordable Care Act and hasn’t received much attention since March, when the main focus was a prospective compromise of the food stamp program. But luckily for the animals, our current 113th Congress has been the least productive we’ve seen since the last government shutdown in 1995 (Ockert, 2013). Our current farm bill had actually expired on September 30th along with the government shutdown. When the Farm Bill reaches the President’s desk, it is expected that the King Amendment won’t make the cut because it is so radically ridiculous. Instead the provisions of Proposition 2 should be phased into federal standards to improve the lives of the animals, the...
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  • Fall '13
  • PatrickO'Connor
  • Huffington Post. Retrieved, Congressman  Steve  King, King Amendment, Animal Death Statistics, Animal Science. Retrieved

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