Proposition 2

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Unformatted text preview: imprisonment for up to six months in county jail (West, 2013). Proposition 2 is the first step towards breaking down the destructive forces of factory farming. However, the victory of Proposition 2 faces the threat of the 2013 Farm Bill’s King Amendment. Republican Iowa Congressman Steve King is seeking to nullify California’s progress by prohibiting states from creating their own agricultural standards. Not only would this mean the end of Proposition 2 before its beginning, but it would also erase state laws that ban horse slaughter, puppy mills, shark finning, dogfighting, the sale of dog meat, and oh, arsenic in chicken feed (Greenstein, 2013). King and his supporters defend the amendment by saying it was created with the intention of protecting the industry from “anti‐agricultural extremists and radical animal rights schemes” (Shippy, 2013). Because allowing our ten billion farmed animals to turn around is a radical concept. Because caring about things like public health and animal welfare over profit margins is a militant mindset. Because it should be standard for seven chickens to be cramped in a cage the size of a filing cabinet drawer never to see the sun, for mother pigs viewed as pork‐producing machines to be driven insane by l...
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