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Thatsrealextremist1 kings skewed and

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Unformatted text preview: ack of exercise, and for newborn calves to be stolen from their mothers and to live 16 weeks strangled by a tether around their necks. That’s real extremist.1 King’s skewed and, some might say, radical ideals of animal rights are evident in his opinions on dogfighting, an issue that a majority of Americans can agree is downright wrong. In the 2012, King tried to stop animal protection laws in regards to dogfighting. King believes that since it isn’t illegal to watch two consenting humans to fight that it shouldn’t be illegal to watch two abused and exploited dogs fight even when the loser faces execution. Hell, King even wants you to bring the kids along to the dogfight! King views 1 Sarc as m animal rights as an impediment to human rights and believes that the interest of animal welfare should not receive consideration before human welfare. He believes that it is morally wrong to elevate the needs of animals above those of humans (Linkins, 2013). You’d be hard pressed to find...
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  • Fall '13
  • PatrickO'Connor
  • Huffington Post. Retrieved, Congressman  Steve  King, King Amendment, Animal Death Statistics, Animal Science. Retrieved

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