America 400 species typical 4 square mile area of

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Unformatted text preview: aking boards, plywood, paper, etc) woodfuel (for cooking, heaCng) N. America, Europe harvest more wood than S. America, Africa?? Historical Challenges In EsCmaCng Forest Area and DeforestaCon - differing definiCons of ‘forest’ - difficulty in accessing remote areas - difficulty in accessing poliCcally ‘off limits’ areas - different methods of data extrapolaCon EsCmates of global forest cover at different Cmes by different organizaCons. The scager illustrates the difficulty in making such an assessment. Satellite- based approaches are helping to solve this problem What is a hectare? 100 m 100 m 1 hectare = 10,000 m2 =2.47 acres Amazon DeforestaCon, Mato Grosso, Brazil June 17, 2002 hgp:// Amazon DeforestaCon, Mato...
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