Nasa blue marble composite february 2004 posicve

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Unformatted text preview: • Animal Movements migraCng birds biomass transport from rivers/estuaries to land • ConCnued chemical weathering at depth (and deep root systems or fauna to transport the nutrients) Rainforests and Water Recycling • One acre of rainforest releases ~75,000 liters of water per day to the atmosphere (1 acre approx. equal to size of a football field) • Rate of evapotranspiraCon is approx. 20x higher than that from open ocean water (the swimming pool versus lawn debate) Recycling of water in rainforests Recycling of water in rainforests Take home message: Forests create and maintain their own climates Forests and Albedo NASA Blue Marble composite, February 2004 Forests and Albedo NASA Blue Marble composite, July 2004 Forests and Albedo Prof. Waugh will teach you how to calculate incident energy as a funcCon of albedo NASA Blue Marble composit...
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