Desert stable transiconal rainforest unstable a

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Unformatted text preview: udes: Leaf loss associated with cold and darkness (winter) Tropical dry forest, Costa Rica A six- category classificaCon of Earth’s forests DefiniCons: tropical, temperate, deciduous vs evergreen. Conifer. Deciduous because of dry versus cold/light savannas: gray, verCcal hatched, cross- hatched ‘stable’ savannas: gray ‘unstable’ savannas: verCcal hatched ‘transiConal’ savannas: cross hatched desert unstable: savannas that could turn into closed forest, or open grassland, depending on changes in fire, herbivory, soil quality, etc. desert stable transiConal rainforest unstable A six- category classificaCon of Earth’s forests PotenCal for forest regrowth: nutrient distribuCon in temperate versus tropical forests Laterite Soils Fe, Al, Si –rich Residual composiCon (Mg,Fe)...
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