G saharan dust transported to amazon animal movements

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Unformatted text preview: SiO4 CaAlSi2O8 IniCal composiCon soil profile oLen 10s of meters thick! Temperate Forest Soils • rich in organic mager and nutrients (relaCve to laterites) Why are they different? • lower precipitaCon • seasonal die- off of plants • seasonally cold temperatures • younger geomorphic surfaces (glaciaCon, mountain upliL) Podsol: A typical temperate forest soil Forests shade soils from solar radiaCon. Deforested soil temperatures can be extremely high, making it difficult for seedlings and saplings to survive. Turkana Basin, Kenya: Not a forested region, but showing the potenCal for ground heaCng in the absence of shade. What prevents tropical forests / laterites from eventually losing all nutrients? Some Ideas: • Dust deposiCon (e.g., Saharan dust transported to Amazon)...
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