Tradional approaches evidence of past glaciers

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Unformatted text preview: nts. As evidenced by glacial =llites, =mes when Earth had significant glacia=on (marked as wide blue bands) Note that we are currently in a “glacial” climate state (even though at this exact =me were in a rela=vely less glaciated “interglacial” climate state). Tradi=onal Approaches: Evidence of Past Glaciers Reconstructed maximum extent of the Lauren=de Ice Cap, ~20,000 years ago. Most of Canada, the NE US, and the northern Midwest were under ice. Long Island is a massive glacial moraine! Great Lake –sized lakes existed in Utah/Idaho/Nevada (Lake Bonneville, Lake Lahontan) Limita=ons of Tradi=onal Approaches Based on Sedimentary Rocks and Glacial Geomorphological Features (moraines, keales, drumlins, etc.)…. How many ice ages were there? When did they begin? How quickly did climate shi6 from ‘glacial’ to ‘interglacial’ states? Need high- resolu=on,...
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