America during the late cretaceous period 100 million

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Unformatted text preview: takes place over hundreds of millions of years iniAal primiAve mantle rock GeneraAon 1 GeneraAon 2 GeneraAon 3 Final, evolved, graniAc rock Ocean Crust / ConAnental Crust analogies (note that these are nowhere near being ‘perfect’ analogies!) Milk: ConAnental crust is the fat that rises to the top Spirits (liquor): ConAnental crust is a ‘disAlled’ and concentrated fracAon ocean crust density: ~3300 kg/m3 conAnental crust density: ~2700 kg/m3 Evolved, felsic crustal rocks tend to ‘float’ on top of the mantle. Therefore they remain and accumulate at the surface (instead of being assimilated back into the mantle) The Himalaya and Tibet Plateau represent the effects of a conAnent- conAnent collision (convergent margin). The conAnental rock...
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