2 g ty hydrosphere 38400 gt koch et al 1995 palaeo 3

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Unformatted text preview: 1a: 63 Gt/y 8: 0.12 Gt/y 7: 0.12 Gt/y land bioshpere (2200 Gt) 6: 0.4 Gt/y atmosphere (800 Gt) lithosphere (78,000,000 Gt) 1b: 4 5 Gt/ y 2b: 4 5.2 G t/y hydrosphere (38,400 Gt) Koch et al., 1995, Palaeo- 3 v. 115, p. 61 Koch et al., 1995, Palaeo- 3 v. 115, p. 61 marine terrestrial Bowen et al., 2004, Nature v. 432, p. 495 marine (blue) terrestrial (green) Gigatons Carbon Necessary To Explain Carbon Isotope Excursion Where did the anomalous carbon come from? How much carbon was introduced to the atmosphere / ocean system during the PETM? Note that the total...
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