Energy and reactions

Higher energy and evolution energy organisms are able

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Unformatted text preview: ctrons which move faster and to higher orbitals. higher Energy and Evolution Energy Organisms are able to inhabit an Organisms environment by evolving a means of utilizing the energy source(s) available there. source(s) One or more of these organisms One must capture energy from this environment. Tubeworm, Riftia Riftia Symbiotic bacterium, Thiovulum Riftia • Has a unique hemoglobin that takes Has H2S from the environment and delivers from it to the symbiotic Thiovulum Thiovulum • 2H2S + O2 ---> 2So +2 H2O + energy energy • How do these worms and other How organisms capture or use this energy? organisms – Oxidize substrate molecules Oxidize? • Remove electrons from substrate (energy yielding) molecule in a reaction • Organisms use some of the energy in these ‘excited’ electrons to synthesize and energy storage molecule...
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