Congress Notes3 - 4/18/2007 Word Bank Sandinista Valarie...

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4/18/2007 Word Bank Sandinista Contra Valarie Plane Joe Wilson Richard d’Arnitg Scooter Libby Libya- Reagan decides to attack without asking Congress Bush- Got blank check from Congress to do whatever he determined was necessary. Passed w/o decent in Senate and House. So I am suggesting that precisely because Bush’s political support was such that he could get the political support of Congress. The only calculations made in his decision based on whether to seek Congress, had to consider Whether asking for Congress’s approval, sets precedent that President must always ask Congress. Decided that since he will probably get approval, won’t necessarily make it a precedent. Government might exploit or be considered about wide political support. These examples suggest the roles the president/Congress play in national security. President has risen to the position of dominant in National Security from the 1940s as a result of the coalition that supported Presidential Control (which fell apart during Vietnam). Falling apart of this coalition explains why Congress has regained much of that power Political Background leading up to Presidential Control, then back to Congress During the 1930s when trouble was brewing in Europe and Far East, there were two political groups with contrasting beliefs on what to do. o Isolationist- what happens outside the U.S. isn’t our business. If Japanese conquer foreign territories, it doesn’t matter. o Opposed by the Internationalist- backed by what came to be known as the American Establishment (lawyers, bankers, major executives) who thought that both the continuation of freedom in the western world and the prosperity of the US depended upon its trading with foreign nations, especially in Europe. Hence, blocking efforts by fascists taking over Europe and Asia. o The battle was fairly evenly matched. Pres. Ros. Decided to be an isolationist. Had to fight very hard to get Congress to Authorize draft, etc. o Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor discredited Isolationists, gave more power to Internationalists. o Largest War (WWII) fought without much political disagreement. Internationalists retained their power during the post-war decades (until 60s). Lesson they drew from Pearl Harbor was that a strong, active President was imperative for a safe international setting. Supported President Truman’s containment of Soviet Expansion, hence precipitate the Cold War. Would rather fight the Communists, then let them take over Vietnam shattered the dominant forces that supported President. This domestic opposition changed the opinion within the American middle and upper classes so that
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Congress Notes3 - 4/18/2007 Word Bank Sandinista Valarie...

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