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ERTH 2380 Flow Assurance Studies

O 3 m lg w ao 2 m lg w de boer asphaltene stability

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Unformatted text preview: er Diagram) 12000 Marine Distal Shales Marine Paralic Shales Marine Carbonates Marine Marls Hypersaline Coaly/Resinous Lacustrine Fresh Lacustrine Saline Reservoir – Saturation Pressure ( psia) Fuji Samples 10000 Severe Problems 8000 Magnolia Samples Slight Problems 6000 No Problems 4000 2000 Saudi Arabian Samples 0 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 Reservoir Fluid Density (g/cc) 0.9 1 Conclusions • Oil Geochemical analyses are used to determine… Source Rock Depositional environment and age Thermal Maturity Biodegradation In-situ Mixing Reservoir Continuity (i.e., Production Geochemistry) • Gas Geochemical analyses further provide estimations of Biogenic vs. Thermogenic gas concentrations in Reservoir Fluids. • Oil and Gas PVT correlations are improved by introducing geochemical factors. • Flow Assurance issues may be Forward Modeled with Geochemical representations....
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