Country Presentation Outline

Country Presentation Outline

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Unformatted text preview: man empire, no other empire extended outside of its continent; Spain and Portugal were the first to do this. As the Spanish Conquistadors conquered various indigenous civilizations, gold and other precious metals poured into the empire which went directly to the Catholic church. In Latin America, Spain is remembered for abusing and oppressing their natives “In a cruel and greedy way” according to one source, while taking advantage of their natural resources. It has taken 500 years, but now those in Latin America are gaining a more positive impression of Spain though the history is not forgotten. At the height of its power, Spain was in control of large areas in the Americas, Italy and the Netherlands. The following countries: Argentina 1536­1816 Bolivia 1548­1825 Chile 1541­ 1818 Colombia 1510­1810 Ecuador 1532­1809 Paraguay 1537­1811 Peru 1531­ 1821 Uruguay 1516­ 1778 (Taken by Portugal) Venezuela 1567­1811 Central America : After the Mexican War for Independence, all of Central Americ...
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