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Country Presentation Outline

Country Presentation Outline - ISScript ,...

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IS Script As the ambassador to Spain, I would like to give everyone an idea of what the country and it’s people are really like. I decided to look at how American’s and other outsiders view Spain by looking at some of their stereotypes and evaluating how true they are. For each topic I would like to cover, I have found a stereotype or perception that many people have, and have tried to asses where it came from. Before I get into that however, I would like to start out with some basic facts that are essential to know. General Facts: Official Name: Kingdom of Spain­ El Reino de España Capitol: Madrid ­ 17 Autonomous Communities Population: 47,370,542 (28) Government: Parliamentary Monarchy US Ambassador to Spain: Alan D. Solomont The following is a list of some measurements of quality of life. The numbers in parenthesis is the ranking in comparison to other countries in the world. (1 being the country with the highest value) Life Expectancy: 84.27 years (15) Infant Mortality: 3/1,000 (214) Literacy Rate: 97.1 ( GDP Per Capita:30,400 (47) Unemployment: 26% (27) Geography: While Spain does have beautiful beaches, a large part of the country is dry and desert­like. It does have a relatively warm climate in the summer months, but it can also get pretty cold in the winter. there is more to the country’s geography. It is approximately 505, 370 sq km which is about twice the size of Oregon. The country sits on a large plateau in the middle of the country which has desert­like conditions, surrounded by hills. The interior experiences more extreme climates, very hot summers and cold winters, while the coastline experiences more mild temperatures. Because of its difficult terrain on the inside of the country, the population is concentrated along the coastline. Though it is largely situated along a plateau the country does have some important geographical features: 5 Main Rivers Several Mountain ranges: Besides Switzerland, Spain is actually the most mountainous country in Europe. Some of the most famous mountain ranges include the Pyrenees Mountains in the north and the Sierra Nevadas in the south east.
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Government: Because it’s constitution is relatively new, (enacted in 1978) many American’s still associate Spain with dictatorships. ­This is more true of the older generations. After the Spanish Civil­War from 1936­1939, Francisco Franco rose to power and remained dictator until his death in 1975. The Franco regime is characterised as authoritarian instead of totalitarian, but there is debate about the degree to which Fascism was involved.
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