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Unformatted text preview: y: 3/1,000 (214) Literacy Rate: 97.1 ( GDP Per Capita:30,400 (47) Unemployment: 26% (27) Geography: While Spain does have beautiful beaches, a large part of the country is dry and desert­like. It does have a relatively warm climate in the summer months, but it can also get pretty cold in the winter. there is more to the country’s geography. It is approximately 505, 370 sq km which is about twice the size of Oregon. The country sits on a large plateau in the middle of the country which has desert­like conditions, surrounded by hills. The interior experiences more extreme climates, very hot summers and cold winters, while the coastline experiences more mild temperatures. Because of its difficult terrain on the inside of the country, the population is concentrated along the coastline. Though it is largely situated along a plateau the country does have some important geographical features: 5 Main Rivers Several...
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