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Unformatted text preview: etail about the rich culture of Spain, but there are two things that are distinctive to the Spanish culture: 1) Paella­ This is a rice dish, made with saffron, vegetables and any meat of choice. Every region of Spain has its own and they all claim to be the best. 2) Flamenco­ Many people assume that all Latin Dances are Spanish like Salsa and Tango. Salsa is popular in Colombia Puerto Rico and Cuba, while Tango originated in Argentina. Flamenco on the other hand is distinctly Spanish. It started in the south of Spain and is inspired by the Gypsies that live in the hills­ (they are still a significant presence in certain parts of the area). Flamenco is not only a dance, but a style of music. It is consists of three parts, the singer, the guitarist and the dancer. The dance is characterized by large arm movements and stomping of feet. History of Mercantilism It is hard to think of Spain and not associate it with its long history of Colonization. Beginning in the late fifteenth century, shortly after uniting the country in 1492 King Ferdinand and Isabella sponsored Christopher Columbus's voyage to the new world. Since the fallof the Ro...
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