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Unformatted text preview: Mountain ranges: Besides Switzerland, Spain is actually the most mountainous country in Europe. Some of the most famous mountain ranges include the Pyrenees Mountains in the north and the Sierra Nevadas in the south east. Government: Because it’s constitution is relatively new, (enacted in 1978) many American’s still associate Spain with dictatorships. ­This is more true of the older generations. After the Spanish Civil­War from 1936­1939, Francisco Franco rose to power and remained dictator until his death in 1975. The Franco regime is characterised as authoritarian instead of totalitarian, but there is debate about the degree to which Fascism was involved. In contrast to many other dictators of the time, Franco was loved and revered by a significant portion of the population. Though many did suffer, an equal part prospered. Some Spaniards today look back on his reign as a time where Spain was kept safe. Franco and Spain have had positive relations with the US­ duri...
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