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Unformatted text preview: 711­1493, and there has historically been a significant Jewish population. Influences of these religions, especially Islam can be seen in all sectors of Spanish life from culture, to fashion, to food, and even their language. These influences are particularly strong in the south, so close to Morocco. Spain is infamous for its “Spanish Inquisition”. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella used Catholicism as a means to unite their newly established empire. During the inquisition, Jews, Muslims and Protestants were either driven out or forced to convert through violence and intimidation. An interesting note, Spain is famous for eating lots of ham­ in many households it is common to find an entire leg of ham sitting on the kitchen table. This tradition of eating ham was a way for people to tell whether or not a person was truly Christian­ Jews and Muslims at the time were unable to eat ham. It is still a...
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