ECON 2306 10 Government and Trade

Importingcountry withouttradeourimportingcountryhasa

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Unformatted text preview: A PS=B+C+D TS=A+B+C+D Net Welfare increase with Trade=C D Note: while some will lose with trade, 400 Qws=800 Qthe loser’s losses are less than the 6 winner’s gains. Importing Country Without trade our importing country has a market for airplanes as described in the graph. P (in millions) Recall, Q* is not only where the importing country is producing but also where they are consuming. S P*=120 D Q*=200 Q 7 Importing Country Recall the world market price is 100 million (where Qws=Qwd) Notice no domestic supplier can make air planes at this price so it is beneficial to the exporting S country (it maximizes their total surplus) to import all of the airplanes they will consume. Suppose they import 500 planes. P (in millions) Pd=120 Pw=100 D 200 500 Q 8 Importing Country Gains from trade for importing country importing airplanes Domestic Welfare for Importing Country Before Trade Welfare Domestically: CS=A PS=B S TS=...
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