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CSCI 1106 Movement and Collision Detection

Irregularly shaped sprites have large bounding boxes

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Unformatted text preview: wall 180° An Easier Bounce of the Wall Collision Detec:on •  Obs: We just described a special form of collision detec6on •  In general, collision detec6on is needed to detect if two or more sprites are intersec:ng or touching in some way •  Why is this useful? Mechanisms for Collision Detec:on •  Four ways to detect collisions: –  Cheap and fast: Check if bounding boxes overlap! –  Expensive and slow: Check if the points of one sprite intersect with the other –  Fast but specialized: Use geometry –  More complicated and fast: Use invisible sprites •  For most purposes, the second way suffices Bounding Boxes •  Defn: A bounding box of a sprite is the smallest orthogonal rectangle that can contain the sp...
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