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CSCI 1106 Movement and Collision Detection

Two scenarios 0 vercal wall horizontal

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Unformatted text preview: dea: Once sprite is no longer on stage, hide it •  How do we know when a sprite is no longer on stage? –  Sprite is at the top wall: y position > 180! –  Sprite is at the bodom wall: y position < -180 ! –  Sprite is at the lee wall: x position < -240 ! –  Sprite is at the right wall: x position > 240 ! •  Where do we perform the test? •  If the test is posi:ve: remove or hide the sprite •  Is there an easier way? Falling Off when Touching the Edge •  Idea: If the sprite is touching an edge, hide it Bouncing of the Wall 0° •  Idea: Once a sprite touches a wall, reverse velocity •  How do we know the new direc:on? •  Two scenarios θ - θ 0° –  Ver:cal wall θ - θ –  Horizontal...
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