CSCI 1106 Player Movement

Restriceons on movement may be needed eg disallowing

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Unformatted text preview: pears where the mouse is poinEng to –  No need to control the velocity of the avatar –  PosiEon and velocity is managed by the mouse movement •  How: –  Set the player sprite’s coordinates to the mouse coordinates at each FRAME event Direct Mouse Movement •  Pros: –  Easy –  Not much code required •  Cons: –  RestricEons on movement may be needed, e.g., •  Disallowing movement in some dimensions (paddle) •  Checking if mouse is over the game panel area –  Violates most accepted laws of physics •  Avatar can accelerate and move instantly •  How can we solve these problems? Mouse Movement using Easing •  Idea: gradually move avatar toward the locaEon clicked on with the mouse pointer –  –  –  ...
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