CSCI 1106 Player Testing

Playability player mo4on and mechanics laws of physics

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Unformatted text preview: the game –  Iden4fying problems with the game –  Understanding how players perceive the game –  Improving the playability and enjoyment of the game •  Playtes4ng involves –  Players: •  Users who typically have never played the game before •  Recruited by developers to play games –  Observers: •  Members of the development team •  Observe the players as the play games and take notes Goals of Playtes4ng •  Iden4fy issues that affect game play –  Bugs •  Does the game behave correctly? –  Playability •  •  •  •  Player mo4on and mechanics Laws of physics and environment Controls Speed of the game –  Understandability •  Game objec4ves •  Tac4cs and strategies •  Player informa4on and sta4s4cs Goals of Playtes4ng II •  Understand how players percei...
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