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CSCI 1106 Player Testing

The playtest welcome and thank the player remind the

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Unformatted text preview: 2 to 10 hours per user –  Too expensive to do oaen and repeat Two Variants of Playtes4ng External Internal •  Game developers are also •  Hire players not involved game players with the game development •  Cheap to test the game –  Developers are on site •  More expensive because –  Developers are already on –  –  –  –  Need to find players Need to schedule players Need to pay the players Unknown constants •  Provides an objec4ve view –  Player not familiar with game payroll –  Developers do not need 4me to familiarize themselves with the game •  Provides a con4nuous view –  Developer knows about past issues Before the Playtest •  Ensure the game is stable (does not crash) •  Recruit players –  Should represent your...
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