CSCI 1106 Player Testing

Variants of playtes4ng external internal game

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Unformatted text preview: ve the game –  –  –  –  –  Difficulty Pace Immersion Interest (story line) Genre •  Get feedback about the game •  Iden4fy possible improvements –  –  –  –  Extensions Modifica4ons Spin- offs Features Playtes4ng is NOT a User Study Playtes(ng User Studies •  Focuses on a single concrete product (a game) •  Used to discover issues in the product (game) •  Passive •  Focuses on general user tasks •  Used to verify a hypothesis about user behaviour •  Ac4ve –  Player plays the game –  Observer observes the play –  Occasionally ask W ques4ons •  Cheap and fast –  20 to 60 minutes per player –  Can be done oaen and repeated –  Users are 4med performing tasks and respond to queries –  Inves4gators survey the users •  Expensive and slow –...
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