CSCI 1106 Player Testing

You as the game developer may feel hurt or annoyed by

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Unformatted text preview: target audience –  May or may not be familiar with the game –  Typically compensated for their 4me (not much) –  Should have some experience with games –  Select players of various experience •  Novices, casual, experienced (gamers) •  Setup a standard “typical” game sta4on –  Typical hardware (console, display, controller, audio, etc) –  Typical gaming environment (couch) –  Will depend on type of game plagorm The Playtest •  Welcome and thank the player •  Remind the player that –  –  –  –  The game is being tested, not them The player should just have fun! The observer will remain silent during the game The player can ask ques4ons •  Ask the player to talk out lo...
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