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CSCI 1106 Introduction to Robotics

2 2222014 anatomy of a robot components sensors

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Unformatted text preview: in the Robot Olympics –  Implement the programs –  Compete in the Robot Olympics –  Write a technical report What is Robo4cs? •  From the Thrun, Burgard, and Fox “Robo$csRobo4cs is the science of perceiving and manipula4ng the physical world through computer- controlled devices.” 2 2/22/2014 Anatomy of a Robot •  Components: –  Sensors –  Controller –  Actuators control 3 2/22/2014 The Sense- Decide- Act Framework Sense Act Decide 4 2/22/2014 Programming in Aseba •  Programs are text- based •  Key Ideas: –  Everything is done by event handlers –  A robot is a sprite –  The world is the stage •  Observa4on this is similar to game design! Scratch vs Aseba Scratch •  Variables •  Event Handler Aseba •  Variables var name! var list •  Event Handler onevent prox! •  Condi4onal •  Condi4onal i...
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