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CSCI 1106 Introduction to Robotics

Event handlers check sensors eg proximity prox sensors

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Unformatted text preview: d! ! onevent button.right! motor.left.target = speed! motor.right.target = -speed! Key Idea: Actuators are controlled by sebng variables that represent them Sensors and Actuators in Aseba •  Key Idea: All sensors and actuators are accessed via predefined variables, e.g., –  to control motors, assign values to motor variables motor.left.target = 100! motor.right.target = 100! –  to check if an object is close, read proximity variable if prox.horizontal[2] > 1000 then! ...! end! •  Where are all the predefined variables listed? •  When do we check variables? 7 2/22/2014 Aseba Studio heps://aseba.wikidot.com/en:thym...
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