CSCI 1106 Introduction to Game Architecture

Scratch in a nutshell a scratch program consists of a

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Unformatted text preview: hen it is hit by a laser –  The stage is updated a3er 1/30th of a second –  The stage is populated when the game starts up •  The “something” are called events The Event- Driven Paradigm •  Idea: Game code simply responds to events •  Possible events: –  External events •  Player movement (mouse, keyboard, kinect, etc) –  Internal events •  •  •  •  Start of game Frame (stage update every 1/30th of a second) Timer expired Sprites cloned •  Each event is handled by an event handler •  The game code simply consists of event handlers that handle all aspects (behaviours) of the game! The Main Loop •  All you need to do is –  generate events and –  write the event handlers! ct obje Mod ify –  Event (ac2on) occurs –  Handle (respond to) event –  Update (modify) object(...
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