CSCI 1106 Introduction to Game Architecture

What interac2on our event based world ques2on how do

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Unformatted text preview: rac2ons between sprites –  Governs interac2ons between player and sprites –  Implements the rules of the game –  Contains event handlers that respond to events in the game –  Updates the sprites on the stage The Movie Metaphor •  •  •  •  •  In a movie the screen is updated 24 2mes per second In a game the stage is updated 30 2mes per second The update is called a frame A frame occurs every 1/30th of a second When a frame occurs –  Sprites modify their proper2es •  •  •  •  Posi2on Look Sound Etc –  Sprites are redrawn on stage in each frame •  Key Idea: A game is simply an interac2ve movie! •  What interac2on? Our Event- based World •  Ques2on: How do you know when to do something? •...
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