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CSCI 1106 Button texts and lists

Tool to create and render the text cons text cannot be

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Unformatted text preview: alth, level, etc) –  Dialogue •  There are two types of text that we can dislpay –  Sta5c text, which does not change during the game •  InstrucEons •  Dialogue –  Dynamic text, which changes as the game progresses •  Player informa5on StaEc Text •  To create staEc text on the stage –  Use sprite whose costume(s) contain text –  Place sprite where you want to text to be displayed •  Switch the staEc text by switching costumes •  Pros: –  Easy to do –  Can use any tool to create and render the text •  Cons: –  Text cannot be modified once program is running –  Text design in the Scratch Paint Editor is minimalisEc Dynamic Text •  Three opEons for displaying dynamic text: –  Variables –  Say/Think blocks –  Third party blocks Dynamic Text: Variab...
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