CSCI 1106 Game Polish

Renement of game mechanics realism physics simulaaon

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Unformatted text preview: Aon of issues –  –  –  –  Stability Consistency Playability Understandability •  Refinement of the game mechanics –  Realism, environment, and acAons –  Graphics –  Audio •  AddiAonal features –  –  –  –  Special effects Side stories and bonus rounds Easter eggs Special objects ResoluAon of Issues •  Stability issues –  Bugs –  Memory usage –  Hardware opAmizaAon •  Consistency issues –  Story line (plot inconsistencies) –  Game mechanics –  Unifying theme •  Playability issues –  Game mechanics –  Game control –  User interface layout ResoluAon of Issues II •  Understandability Issues –  Game manual –  PresentaAon of informaAon during the game –  DemonstraAon of how to play the game –  Recommended controller use •  How are these issues discovered? Refinement of Game Mechanics •  Realism –  Physics simulaAon •...
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