CSCI 1106 Game Polish

What is game polish defn a process to reduce the

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Unformatted text preview: –  More appealing to new players •  A polished game will –  Get beMer reviews –  Get more praise on social media and word of mouth –  More likely become popular –  Likely sell more copies •  It’s in our interest to make sure that games are as polished as possible! What is Game Polish? •  Defn: A process to reduce the number of minor issues associated with the game •  This involves –  Fixing minor bugs and anything that detracts from the consistency of the game –  Touching- up graphics –  Refining game mechanics –  Adding minor features and special effects •  ConsAtutes the last 10% to 20% of development –  Can take up to 50% of total Ame Scheduling Game Polish •  Idea: Schedule game polishing...
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