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CSCI 1106 High Level Game Design

a story is composed of a world a place with

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Unformatted text preview:   –  –  –  Title and Authors IntroducNon DescripNon of Concept DescripNon of Sprites DescripNon of Stage High- level DescripNon DescripNon of Important Scripts DescripNon of Artwork and Sound Future Work •  7 pages, 11pt font •  80% of the wricen component •  Templates are available on course website •  Rubric is in the project specificaNon High- Level Game Design •  Game Elements –  Story –  Mechanics –  Technology –  AestheNcs •  Idea: The elements work together to create a unifying theme in the game Unifying Theme •  What experience do you want to convey? –  e.g., pirate life, civilizaNon simulaNon, a wild west adventure •  Structure your story and mechanics to reinforce your theme •  Examples: –  Wild west •  Lots of primiNve acNons •  Lots of chance •  A simple backstory –  CivilizaNon •  Mostly strategic acNons •  Some chance, with medium small affects •  An epic story The Game Story •  There’s nothing like a good story to pull you in... •  A story is composed of: –  A "world” •  A place with consistent properNes •  e.g. physics, magic, culture, etc. –  Characters •  Individuals with likes/dislikes, personaliNes, and goals •  Stock Characters: e.g. soldiers, clerics, plumbers –  A quest •  Why are we/they here? •  The story immerses the player –  Transports them into the “world” –  Whets t...
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