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CSCI 1106 High Level Game Design

A the game is highly polished looks really good and is

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Unformatted text preview: er is able to easily track their progress through the game (in the form of points or some other measure / approach). B Winning and losing the game are both possible and the game rules, purpose and how to play are clearly communicated to the player. B+ The game includes mulNple levels that increase in difficulty. A- The game has some polish (looks OK) and includes audio effects. A The game is polished (looks good) and has some interesNng special effects. A+ The game is highly polished (looks really good) and is compelling. To achieve a certain grade you must also have all of the features of the lower grades. Deliverables •  •  •  •  The game: .zip file The user manual (3 pages) The technical manual (7 pages) PresentaNon of your game during the presentaNon period •  The .zip file must be submiced via [email protected] of February 13 before your presentaNon period •  All deliverables are due –  On February 24, 2014 –  In hard copy (in class) The User and Technical Manuals User Manual •  Contents: –  –  –  –  Title page with screenshot Game overview Rules How to play •  3 pages, 11pt font •  Worth 20% of the wricen component Technical Manual •  Contents –  –  –  –  –  –...
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