CSCI 1106 High Level Game Design

Why the chance trade o a lot of randomness game is

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Unformatted text preview: he interest of the player (first 100 pages) •  Separates great games from ok games Story ConsideraNons •  Depth –  How detailed or grand is the story to be? –  Epic? (Star Wars) –  Simple backstory? (Angry Birds) •  Delivery –  How is the story communicated to the player? –  Prologue? Snippets? Chapters? –  Does the player choose the direcNon of the story? •  Pacing –  Rate of story telling corresponds to speed of the game Game Mechanics •  Idea: Use game mechanics to –  Implement the game story –  Support the unifying theme of the game •  Game mechanics comprise –  Rules –  Environment –  AcNons –  Chance (Randomness) –  Skills Game Mechanics: Rules •  Wricen rules of play (what happens when I...) –  User manual –  Game code •  Unwricen rules –  ENquece –  Sportsmanship •  Object of the game (how do I win the game) –  Clear –  Achievable –  Rewarding/Fun Game Mechanics: E...
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