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Angina pectoris myocardial infarction hypertension

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Unformatted text preview: cal Atherosclerosis is an abnormality of arterial blood Atherosclerosis vessels, it can affect almost any organ in the body. angina pectoris myocardial infarction hypertension thrombotic strokes. intermittent claudication- lack of oxygen to the muscle so you just rest so the vessel can dilate to bring more blood (ex: leg cramp) bring gangrene Treatment First-line treatment: nonpharmacologic interventions such as weight reduction, smoking cessation, exercise, and low-fat diet If not successful: drug therapy added Surgery: balloon/laser angioplasty, stents, CABG Arteritis---Thromboangitis Obliterans (Buerger Disease) Rare inflammatory condition affecting small and mediumsize arteries and veins of upper and lower extremities resulting in varying degrees of obstruction. Associated with tobacco use and may be an autoimmune response to it. Seen in men less than 40 years of age, Jewish and Asian decent with history of heavy smoking. Known for periods of remission and exacerbations. Causes include genetic disposition, smoking, and immune response. Clinical Manifestations: pain, intermittant claudation, decreased pulses, cyanosis Buerger Disease Buerger Hand Angiogram---Buerger Disease Hand Raynaud Syndrome Raynaud Extreme vasoconstrictive response of the arteries Extreme in the hands and fingers in response to cold and stress. stress. Affect primarily young women---may be genetic Affect tendency. tendency. Digital arteries go into spasm. Raynaud's phenomenon is diagnosed by history. Raynaud's The syndrome is defined as episodes of blue then The white color changes in the digits induced by cold or emotional stimuli followed by red discoloration during the hyperemia recovery phase. Most patients describe only two of the three phases. Manifestations include throbbing, burning pain, Manifestations erythema (red-white-blue disease). erythema Raynaud Disease Raynaud Raynaud Disease Raynaud Raynaud Disease Raynaud Case Study Carol is a 54-year-old female who tells you that when her hands get cold they will turn white and become colder and then turn blue. In a couple minutes the hands will turn red and they will become very painful, with pain that feels like s...
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